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Wednesday, January 27th, 2016


One of the most rewarding things that has happened to me is that I have been developing myself as a writer, challenging myself with bigger projects. I joined a writers’ group in 2013 and heard about NaNoWriMo at one of the meetings. The weird name is an acronym for National Novel Writing Month. The idea is to write a novel of 50,000 words or more in thirty days. I’ve taken part three times and succeeded (won in NaNo parlance) every time. I’m going to post my three novels here, and I’m also going to open this up so that anybody in my group can post their work. Hopefully, it will become a vibrant corner of this blog as time goes on.

Hide in Plain Sight

My first crack at NaNoWriMo way back in 2013. The story bounces back and forth between The Mystery Islands in 1969 and Fort Saint John present day. This is the first thing I ever wrote so it has some real rough spots. In spite of that, I think it turned out all right in the end and I’m pretty proud of it.

PDF version

Kindle version

Latest version of Bonobos 

This book is almost done. It was my NaNo in 2014. I wrote enough words, but the story wasn’t finished. I started working on it again last month and the end is in sight.It’s available in a PDF version and in Kindle format as well.

Molly’s Bread

My NaNo from 2015. This one is set in the Mystery Islands again, Some characters from Hide in Plain Sight are back along with several new ones. I’m trying to learn how to do intrigue and violence better in this book. Two powerful young heroines and a truly evil, psychotic villain. What’s not to like? PDF version is available here.